Project „Altbernsdorf“ for VIU EYEWEAR


Project: Vernissage plus Photostory on Instagram @viueyewear
Theme: „Just as our pasts impacts our present, our personalities are characterized by both the steadiness and the changes we experience in our lives. Portraying a young woman in her grandparents’ house, Studio Malolepzie poetically visualize how our inner child shapes the person we become as we grow.“
Concept, Styling, Camera & Retouch: Malolepzie

Where past hits present, frames of pine green and champagne meet shades of apricot and sand. Studio Malolepzie depict retroperspective by merging melancholic memories made in grandmother’s living room with the zeitgeist of a grown-up and stylistically confident woman.

Die Ausstellung erzählt eine Geschichte im Hause von Maureens Großeltern. Eine Strecke vom Sein, mit Brillen in Pine Green und Champagner, in einer Bildwelt aus Sand und Apricot.

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